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Our voices, like a ROAR, must be heard!

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How did a group of diverse Americans with no experience, funding, connections get their message to their Governor AND to President Trump?

Learn from a group of moms, dads, grandparents, big data experts, journalists, mechanics, accountants who became dissatisfied with the direction of our country and their state. And decided that if they did not step up, no one else would.

They organized their voices, like a ROAR, and they were heard.

This is the inside story of how they reached President Trump, Governor DiSantis, Law Enforcement and Legislators. Step by step - you get the blueprint and the plan.

Remember, our fight is far from over!

Join us as we speak Truth.

Join us as we ROAR for changes we wish to see.

This is not a fight of one person only, This is Ours.

For our Families. Our Children.

No more sitting back.

No more staying Silent.

No more turning a blind eye.

It is up to you and me.

We are fighting an enemy bigger than us.

We must come to battle Equipped and Ready.

Well Trained.

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